James Garrett - James Garret, LCPC unethical behavior

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I went to this guy with my wife and he ended up having an affair with her.We are divorced now.

I was suspicious when he started seeing her without me. He said she needed help sorting things out. My wife became more distant and we started fighting more. She finally said she wanted a divorce which had never been even discussed up until then.

I started to suspect that it was another guy and started to question her.

I even asked him if he knew anything and he told me I was way off base.Then she finally admitted it and told me it was him.



Get a lawyer , one woman successfully sued her ex-husband's mistress for "alienation of affection" she was on all the news and talk shows . Sounds like you have a much better case than even she did ! Good Luck !


Report him to the Licensing board in your state which licenses therapists, counselors etc. they would take this very seriously.

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